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Hey welcome I am a Indian streamer and i Love Streaming and play VideoGames. Hope you like the stream ENJOY! =============================================================================================== IMPORTANT LINKS: Donate:- (All donations will be shown on screen and will receive a shoutout!) Twitter:- Twitch:- Facebook:- Instagram:- =============================================================================================== Gaming PC Specs: CPU:- Intel i7 5960x 4.5ghz overclocked GPU:- Nvidia GTX 980ti Overclocked RAM:- Crusial 64GB DDR4 2400mhz MOBO:- Asus X99 A KEYBOARD:- Logitech G510s MOUSE:- Logitech G402 MIC:- Blue Yeti (Black Colour) HEADPHONES:-Hyper X Cloud 2 MONITOR:- BENQ XL24II 144HZ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Streaming PC Specs: CPU:- Intel i7 4790K 4.9 ghz overclocked GPU:- Nvidia GTX 970 Overclocked RAM:- Gskill 8gb ddr3 MOBO:- Gegabyte XL KEYBOARD:- Logitech G510s MOUSE:- Logitech G402 MONITOR:- DELL 24 inch Camera:- Logitech C920 =============================================================================================== FAQ:- Q- Who am i? A- My name is vineet,i am 19 years old. Q- Where do I live? A- I live in Delhi India! Q- Is youtube my full time job? A- No,not yet.i am a engineering student btech computer science . Q- What i do other than youtube? A- I am a computer science engineering student Q- Whats my Internet Speed? A- 10mbps download and 10mbps upload Q- What all games do i play? A- I like to play varity of games but do Check my channel! Q- Do i have any consoles? A- For now i just have a gaming pc. Q- Can i play with you? A- Sure just send me a friend request. Q- What is the cost of my Pc? A- My gaming pc costs Rs 4 lakhs ($6000 aprox ) My streaming pc costs Rs 84K ($1400 aprox) Q- When do i stream? A- FOR NOW I DONT HAVE A FIXED TIME BUT I STREAM DAILY ! . =============================================================================================== MUSIC:- All music on my channel are from ninety9lives:- www.ninety9lives.com NoCopyrightSounds:- =============================================================================================== CHANNEL RULES: 1. Try to speak in English! 2. Don’t ask me to play any other game during the stream 3. Please don’t advertise your channel or ask me or anyone in the chat to sub to you (People not Following the rules will be banned from chat )


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