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Nepal Creative House

Situated in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal Creative House Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization working for awareness and advocacy in the field of development, environment, climate change adaptation, disaster management and livelihood promotion in Nepal. Nepal Creative House is a national media house of enthusiastic journalist in the various sectors. This is the organization in which has involvement of expert and experienced journalist and trainer from different sector such as disaster management, climate change, disability, women, and child right and child education.The Nepal Creative House works coordination with government agencies, UN agencies, national and international non-government organization in its working fields. The main motto of the organization is to promote the right of information through different audio, visual and print media to the people. This media develop, produces, demonstrate, distribute and broadcast the different television, radio programme and other IEC material as well as it makes informative story based film and documentary coordinating with different organizations.


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