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Moen Jo Daro - Inqilab

Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/moenjodaroband Download at The guys who brought you Garmi On! are back! This time with a much serious message and an agenda of their own. Taking into consideration, the current scenario of our beloved homeland. They wish to ignite a flame of hope. The guys have penned down, and are in the process of producing songs based on nothing else but the diminishing identity of our nation, our youth, our morals and everything our forefathers once stood for, faught for, died for. On top of all that, there are both internal and external factors that are exploiting the situation in their lust for power. The song "Inqilaab" (Revolution) particularly lays the foundation for what could be a concept/theme based album by the band, and focuses on the words once spoken by our great leader and founder of our homeland, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The song, in it's own manner persuades and shows how Unity, Faith and Discipline can bring about the changes we have talked about for so long but haven't done anything about. For more info on the band and details: On Phone: Mukarram Jamil @ 0345-5505151


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