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Israel's claim of 'Ancient Home' is Stupid

European occupiers of Palestine continue to push through stupid arguments. One stupid argument is that European infiltrators have 'ancient home' in Palestine. Israel and economic sanctions? Sanctions on Iran, North Korea. Union of South Korea and North Korea? Global economic melt down. When does a Zionist tell lies? Zionist falsehoods and deceptions. Shalom to American debt creating heroes. Invasions and terrorism. Oil and gas theft. American drone terrorism. What does Israel stand for? Racist Jewish website. Anti-Semitic pro Israel site. Jew cannot be defined. American foreign policy and Israeli lobby. AIPAC Israel lobby. What is Semitism? State of Israel does not exist. American hostility towards Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Apology American taxpayer. American institutions. United Nations says Israeli occupation withdraw. Under threat. We support Russel Tribunal on Palestine RToP. Imran Khan PTI Tehrek e Insaf a Pakistani chairman politician and cricket captain. Guantanamo Bay is Gitmo. International Monetary Fund, IMF, the Federal Reserve in America. World Bank, Capitalism and globalisation is Free trade agreement. Weapons of mass destruction are weapons of mass distraction, WMD in Iraq. American liberation or American terrorism? Muslim's advice to Israel on economy and religion. People united against the Federal Reserve. What does Zionism mean? Terrorism, rape, electricity cut off, apartheid wall, racism. European Central Bank is economic meltdown. Fractional paper currency in banking. Indian terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir and Nagaland, Assam, Indian occupied Punjab. Blackwater terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa. Terrorism on Syria and Russia. How does Kurdistan in Iraq deal with democracy? American culture of violence or terrorism in Mexico. Terrorism Talibans in Afghanistan and peace negotiations in Qatar where President Qarzai of Afghanistan visited in 2013. Suicide in Europe and Israel and Tunisia. Student protests in America, Canada, Europe, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Japan. Human rights in Islam and Christianity. Venezuela floods killed more than 50 people in 2013, though less destructive than Japan Tsunami. South African boycott of Israeli products or manufactured in West Bank. Israeli jets fly over Lebanon airspace, violate Syrian airspace, bomb and murder civilians. NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is scheduled in 2014. Israel's claim of ancient home is stupid.


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