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"My Console Broke" : http://youtu.be/HgvNyGcKE5I Become a BOSS: ► http://bit.ly/14op0DW Get My Music: ► http://bit.ly/1ev5Vl8 Watch More Vids: ► This song will be available for download on my next album - Video Game Music 5 - coming out soon!! Search for BrySi on iTunes and other digital stores! Huge thanks to for his part in this rap battle! Huge thanks to MonsterStarz for the instrumental (a premium license has been purchased for the use of this content) LYRICS: (chorus) everybody run, here they come they want your brains, and they want your blood so grab your guns, you know what to do find an alien or a zombie and shoot! bryan: aliens and zombies, this ain't even fair bruhh zombies are so scary they make aliens say "ughh" never met a zombie that I could admit I liked but I certainly was down with ET, riding on that bike zombies stumble and they creep searching for something to eat trying to find some brains so they can satisfy their deepest need setting traps and shooting hives rhinos running for their lives when the zombies come to town everyone in that town dies frank: THESE ALIENS ARE INVADIN' BUT WHO'S GONNA SLAY 'EM FASTER THAN THOSE BRAIN DEAD WHO WALK SLOW, JUST SWAYIN' I'M JUST SAYIN' IT'S INSANE MAN WE FACING EXTINCTION YOUR ZOMBIES ARE JUST STINKING WE NEED SYNDICATION THERE'S CLEAR INDICATION THESE ALIENS AREN'T BRAINLESS THERE'S NO RESURRECTED BUT WE NEED GHOSTS PROTECTION NO PROTECTION FROM INFECTION BUT THIS BEAT BE INFECTIOUS WHEN I'M BEATING THESE WEAKLINGS FOR SIX WEEKS WITH NO REST chorus: bryan: You say these zombies stink but I'm not sure they the source you probably got scared and took a dump inside your drawers here's a couple quarters man go and do some laundry while you're at the laundry mat I sit here playing COD But not Ghosts, hell no I'm gonna play Black Ops I'm trying to get a ray gun from inside the mystery box Pop shots and drop scouts these aliens can go home send em back to their spaceship with bullets in their buttholes frank: IF I WAS DOING MY LAUNDRY AND HEARD THERE WAS ZOMBIES I'D FINISH MY LAUNDRY ZOMBIES JUST DON'T HAUNT ME NOW GHOSTS ARE AT MY BACK PORCH 'CAUSE THESE ALIENS JUST WANT MORE THAN BRAINS, STRAINED FOR BODY WARMTH CAN ZOMBIES EVEN OPEN DOORS THESE ALIENS ARE RACIST INVADING EARTH ON SPACE SHIPS IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE WHY THEY WANNA TAKE IT BUT BRYSI, LET'S GO MAN WE GOTTA HIT THE ROAD MAN ZOMBIES AND ALIENS JUST TEAMED UP MAN WE GOTTA GO HAM  BrySi Hats: Facebook: Twitter: Website: iPhone: Every time you download one of my songs, a baby unicorn is born! (thank you, seriously!)


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