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T R Subramanyam - South Indian Classical Carnatic Music live at delhi 1983

For Audio cd: http://www.kalakendra.com/shopping/ra... For Mp3: Rasathmakam Live at Newdelhi - Oct 2nd 1983 - 3ACD T.R.Subramanyam T. R. Subramanyam, or TRS as he is more popularly known in the field of South Indian Classical Music and music loving rasikas is a great musician with high caliber and uncommon traits. He is unconventional and ever willing to explore new avenues in music. TRS is scholarly and original in his approach to all aspects of classical music. In his swaraprastharas, he uses swaras intelligently- embellishing them skillfully with the use of swaraksharams, poruttams etc. TRS as a teacher is unmatched for his enormous knowledge of the subject, his dedication to the art and his patience towards his disciples. The Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi is TRSs forte and his dexterity in rendering the RTP is unrivaled. Apart from being a brilliant composer, TRS has a wide repertoire of songs which he sings in concerts, many of which include compositions of new and modern composers. This product is a superb concert of TRS where he has included new compositions (Vande Sabari, Samayapurathu, Needaya galguno) and a magnificent RTP in Mohanam in praise of Mahathma Gandhi performed on Gandhi Jayanthi. He has commenced the concert with a lilting Varnam in Sama composed by him. He is accompanied on the violin by one of the most renowned artists of our times, T.Rukmini and son the mridangam by the renowned artist from Andhra Pradesh Kamalakar Rao. Both artistes contribute immensely to the success of the concert.


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