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South American 'Indians'

No Copyright Infringement Intended! I own nothing. All photos are of the Indigenous peoples (Native Americans) of South and Central America. The music is also from that area, but I unfortunately don't know which tribe. They are very diverse and beautiful, which I hoped to show in this video. The peoples represented are: Guarani, Quechua, Asurini/Assurini, Enawene Nawe, Jaguar/Matis, Karaja, Kayapo, Manoki, Nambikwara, Pataxo, Terena, Xerente, Yawalapiti, Yanomami/Yanomamo, Mayan/Maya, Kogi, Shuar, Kotococha, Waodani/Huaorani, Lenca, Tarahumara, Miskito, Kuna, Embera, Taquileno, Yagua, Warao, and Pemon. I can't guarantee that all people in the pictures are pure blooded but I did my best effort to get those that were pure instead of pictures of mestizos/mixed blood. I hope that you enjoy! Please comment and rate. Please no racist or prejudice comments! All comments discriminating against another person's race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, culture or cultural identity will be deleted. Please keep the comments free of coarse/obscene language (aka. swearing/cursing).


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