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Learn 72 Scales In 20 Minutes (Carnatic/South Indian Melakartas)

This lesson is useful for people who enjoy ethnic/exotic sounding music, Carnatic/South Indian music, who want to learn more music theory, or who play rock/metal and want to use interesting and chromatic sounding scales. The intervalic theory can be applied to any instrument and from any tonic or root note. I am sorry about the poor audio quality and that I am not very charismatic. I am not a teacher, and I learned all of this myself and tried my best to put it into the simplest way to understand. It is a lot of music theory, 72 different scales, condensed into twenty minutes. If you are a teacher, please teach this to your students in a more charismatic way. Remember to rate, comment, favorite, and share with others so more people learn about this! Resources: Written resource I wrote (has all the scale names and intervals listed): Other resource: )


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