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Śrī Tyāgarāja : Mokṣamu Galada (String music of South Indian Temples)

From the album (currently unavailable) "Temple Music of India (Set of 4 Audio CDs )" © Music Today http://www.musictoday.in/ In this beautiful and moving rāga, The great musician Śrī Tyāgarāja (May 4, 1767 – January 6, 1847) doubts whether Mokṣa (spiritual Liberation), is attainable by anyone through bhakti (devotion) alone without the knowledge of Saṅgīta (sacred musicology). Kriti Mokṣamu Galada - Raga Sramati. Arranged for the string quartet by V.S. Narasimhan Musical Director & Producer : Rangasami Parthasarathy Violin : V.S. Narasimhan, Krishna Murali. Viola : B.J. Chandran. Cello : V.R. Sekar


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