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Pakistani teenage activist Malala sets bold example

Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai is battling for her life at British hospital and her attackers are still scot-free. After receiving world-wide criticism for attack on the 14-year-old education activist by Taliban, Pakistani government has woken up from their slumber. Pakistani security forces claim they have detained relatives of a man accused of attacking Malala.Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai assassination attempt has shocked the world and put Pakistan in an embarrassing position. Malala has won several national awards and international admiration for her campaign to promote girl education for the last several years in Taliban dominated Pakistan. Malala was returning home from school in Pakistan last week when she was targeted by the Taliban for promoting female education and criticizing the militant group's behavior when they took over the Swat Valley, where she lived. The attack, in which two of her classmates were also wounded, has horrified many in Pakistan and across the world. After she was attacked wishes, prayer meetings and support for Malala poured in from across the world for her quick recovery. Large-scale protests were witnessed across Pakistan against Taliban for attacking the teenager. She was saved by neurosurgeons in Pakistan and later flown to Britain to receive specialist care. The teenager is being looked after under tight security conditions and is not allowed visitors. Two well-wishers posing as relatives who tried to get in to see her earlier this week were turned away by police. The Taliban still threatens to kill Malala and her father, saying that the teenager is going against Islamic laws. But the entire world prays that Malala : the face of bravery, courage, peace and hope for women in the Taliban dominated Muslim world recovers to be back on her mission of education for women.Pakistani authorities must arrest the attackers of Malala, who was attacked for promoting education among women. She has to take bullets for espousing for a rightful cause? If her attackers won't be arrested and punished, it would be a great demoralizing factor for those who are working for rightful causes.


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