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MAX STEEL Music Video featuring Virat Kohli in India

Adding the "FUN" quotient via Storytelling, song and dance. Brands are viewed as a genuine gateway between artist and fans and Mattel's Maxsteel plays into this role perfectly by looping in Virat Kohli who is the young icon of India and synonymous for everything Maxsteel portrays, it was about finding interesting ways to let the consumer know of the newest super hero in the country and what better way than music and storytelling. This video gives a glimpse into the various challenges that MAX faces and how he and steel jointly fight and shine through. On a larger level it shows that "the real power lies within each one of us" which is what the hero promises and inspires, if you are determined and have the inner power then you will be able to overcome all the obstacles in life. This central thought fueled the entire concept of the video and then it all fell in place with a mix of a fun song composed by Shameer Tandon, the perfect voice by Shaan, an iconic young performer Virat Kohli and a compelling story via the video which offers thrill, excitement, action and adventure. The team that put it all together: Navin Shah -- Producer, Amit Jalan -- Video Director, Neha Lohia -- Conceptualizer and Creative Director


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