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India Independence Day 2016 I Funny Car Video | Celebration | Animation | Ad | Music | Short Film

Subscribe ➤ https://goo.gl/DwIf60 Independence day. Happy Independence Day to all of you.Tried to covey a message through this video to save lives of people who are killed in road accidents.Please drive carefully.Do share this video to your friends and family. India independence day is very important day for indians.do you know why? Because this day tells the story of freedom fighters, great leaders, soldiers who sacrificed their lives to make this country free from the english rule. Check These Out Facebook Link :- ➤Website :- ➤Download mp3s (My performances) from here: ➤Singing lessons: Disclaimer: I acknowledge the original composer/producer.The audio/video performance has been done to so my talent purpose only. Don't Forget to HIT LIKE,COMMENT and SHARE..!!


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