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SITARS OF INDIA ( Track : CLASSICAL INDIA : SOUTH INDIA : Raga Hamsadhwani ) 31st May 2011

Sitar has always been one of the most popular instruments of India. " SITARS OF INDIA" ......the Exciting Sitar Ensemble with a Difference , consists 10 talented Artists of India who have all come together to form this Special and Rare group under the leadership and guidance of the Renowned Sitar Maestro Pandit Prateek Chaudhuri , who has conceived, directed and is the leader of this Exciting Sitar Ensemble. " SITARS OF INDIA " is a Special effort and a Unique Ensemble of a Grand Nature and Scale . The music presented by this Grand Sitar Orchestral Group signifies the Soul of India , with a beautiful and eclectic mix of Vedic, Classical , Semi Classical and Light and also Western forms encompassing almost the Whole of India. " SITARS OF INDIA" is such a Unique Concept & Concert, as it tries to depict almost the Whole of India musically through Sitar, one of the most popular instruments of India and that too in the form of an Exciting Ensemble . " SITARS OF INDIA " is a Concept and Presentation , which has got no parallels anywhere in the World. This Special Presentation tries to depict almost the Whole of India very beautifully and aesthetically with beautiful, melodious , really Exciting and Reverbrating Music,. It is a glimpse of both the Traditional and also the Modern India with it's rich musical tradition , heritage and also a glimpse of a variety of musical forms found in India. This Special presentation showcases, through it's own Unique interpretation, various forms of music found in India ....This Special track features the CLASSICAL INDIA ( showcasing elements of Carnatic Classical Music through the Raga Hamsadhwani..) The presentation by " SITARS OF INDIA " showcases a beautiful synthesis of the various flavours of Music found in India . The Heady Mix and Eclectic use of Five SITARS , TABLA, DRUMS , OCTOPADS, DHOLAK, BASS GUITAR, ELECTRIC GUITAR, KEYBOARDS, INDIAN & WESTERN PERCUSSIONS like DJEMBE, DARBUKA, KAHON, KHOL, KHAMAK, KHANJIRA, MANJIRA, CONCHES, BELLS and many other instruments create a divine and beautiful atmosphere providing a Unique flavor to the music being presented. " SITARS OF INDIA " is a Beautiful, Melodic, Soulful, Rhythmic, Exciting & Pulsating Mix of the Rich Musical tradition of India , which has never been heard of or presented in such a beautiful manner and unique fashion appealing to all age groups ... The music is really Heavenly, Soulful and at the same time really Exciting and Rocking, thus being an Eclectic and Heady combination, which appeals to one and all irrespective of age. Unique and Rare is the Music presented by this Special and Exciting Sitar Ensemble group and so is the Special Group of artists who have been chosen by Pandit Prateek Chaudhuri, the Sitar Maestro himself. " SITARS OF INDIA "- The Unique Sitar Ensemble with a Difference is a Rare Musical experience and that is why the music produced by " SITARS OF INDIA "- is so Special and very much sought after. The music speaks for itself:


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