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Pakistani Drama

Drama : Yeh Bi Kisi Ki Beti Hai Genre : Drama, Romance, Social & Family Featuring : Nadeem Baig, Talat Hussain, Abid Ali, Aimee, Akbar Subhani, Syed Mukhtar Ahmed, Amber Khan, Baby Nazia, Baby Sundas, Farzeen, Ghazala Kaifi, Jahan Ara Hai, Myira Khan, Naheed Shabbeer, Naveed Rana, Ramsha, Saleem Shaikh, Shaista Babar, Veena Jan & Others The life of a woman is never a cakewalk. On the one hand, she is bogged down by the society as belonging to the weaker gender, on the other hand, she is crushed by the fact that she often has to live a life carved out for her by the others. 'Yeh Bhi Kisi Ki Bayti Hai' is about the transition of a woman from being a daughter to a wife. Two affluent families, which have been on friendly terms for years, decide to take the bond a step further by getting their children engaged to marry. This measure, however, alters their relationship forever. The alliance develops cracks and iniquitous truths reveal themselves, marring the love and affinity that exists between the families. As relationships sour and turn bitter over time, the women involved are the ones who bear the brunt of the downside. They become the targets of male-dominated mindsets and have to sustain the fight with paitence and tenacity. A fervent tale of women and their battle against the impediments that society hurls at them ..!


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