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Neon Indian - Change of Coast

Neon Indian was considered as one of the forerunners of the chillwave movement with the release of the charming debut Psychic Chasm, a record that sounded a lot more odd than those from his fellow genre pioneers Toro Y Moi and Washed Out. In reality, he shared the same level of playfulness and quirkiness as Ariel Pink, an artist he also admitted being inspired of. By comparison, his excellent 2011 follow-up Era Extra├▒a was a lot more structured and streamlined; displaying solid song-crafting that turned its head towards vaguely recalled neon-lit 80's soundtracks. The title track of that record is still one of the most beautiful 80's nostalgic trips I've ever come across, and now that two years have passed since the album's release, it's fair to say that it's my favorite from any given artist that came out of the chillwave movement. Artist: Neon Indian Track: Change of Coast Album: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V BUY NOW: ...


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