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"ALIEN GROWTH" - SOMA Hindi Gaming #2 (Soma PS4 Gameplay)

► SOMA #1 - https://youtu.be/MGhcISrS82E ► SOMA Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... I am an Indian Gaming Youtuber, playing Soma on the Playstation 4. Today we are Playing through SOMA Chapter 3 - Awakening Chapter 4 - Comm Station I hope you guys enjoyed the video, leave you suggestions to make the series better and Give it a big thumbs up. SOMA PS4 / PC / XONE 1080p HD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Subscribe me- ►Follow on Facebook - ►Follow on twitter - ►Follow on Instagram - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soma (stylized as SOMA) is a science fiction survival horror video game developed by Frictional Games and released on 22 September 2015. The game takes place on an underwater remote research facility with machinery that begins to take human characteristics. Soma is a survival horror video game played from a first-person perspective. The player will encounter a number of creatures, which will each embody an aspect of the game's themes. Soma primarily utilises elements of psychological horror instead of conventional scares found in most video games within the genre. Throughout the game, the player will find a large array of clues, such as notes and audio tapes, which builds atmosphere and furthers the plot. Similar to most titles by Frictional Games, there is no combat, and instead the player progresses through puzzle-solving, exploration and the use of stealth. Video Editor - AVS video editor Capture card - I Do not Have one! Recorded through PS4 Share! Music: Free music Youtube audio Library HemanT_T , New Delhi, India


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